5 Sore Throat Myths – BUSTED!

At one point or another, you’ve probably had a sore throat, and, depending on who you go to for advice, there’s a lot of conflicting ideas about this common condition. From the internet to your favorite tita, there are some myths some folks can’t help believing, so we prepared this handy guide to help you get your facts straight!

Having a sore throat is no fun, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have tonsillitis. If you are starting a cold, the sore throat will be a prelude to sniffles and possible coughing – the sore throat should go away in a few days as you treat the cold. If the cause is tonsillitis, you will experience a painful inflammation at the back of your throat, which will appear red and swollen. In addition, your lymph nodes (on either side of your neck) will be tender to the touch. Identifying what you have is the first step to treating it

Oftentimes, sore throats are caused by a cold virus, which don’t need antibiotics for treatment. Sometimes, it may be the result of a simple bacterial infection. If you’re not running a fever, resorting to antibiotics would be like using a fire extinguisher to put out your birthday candles. In addition, you can run the risk of developing an immunity to antibiotics if you use them too often. Basically, if you don’t have a fever, you don’t need to resort to extreme measures.

Cold medicines don’t cure your sore throat – they address the symptoms and specific etiologies that are causing it. For example, decongestants help address the postnasal drip that irritates

the throat, while the antibiotics used to treat a bacterial infection would only address the bacteria in question, and not the sore throat.

The origins of this one stem from the fact that dairy products causes phlegm to thicken, which can irritate the throat further, but it doesn’t actually cause an increase in phlegm production. In fact, some doctors actually recommend drinking or eating dairy products such as milk, pudding, or even cream-based soups to sooth sore throats.

While hot drinks are known to have relieving effects on sore throat, it’s widely believed that ice-cream and cold drinks can have the opposite effect. As revealed in a 2013 article, ice cream may help in lowering the temperature of the throat’s nerve endings, and the pain signals they produce. Natural pain relief occurs due to the cold activating the body’s natural melastin 8 transient receptor.

Now that you know the myths associated with sore throat, here’s a fact: Regardless of the cause, you can’t go wrong when you use the #1 selling

And doctor-prescribed sore throat spray, which combines the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Chamomile Extract, Methyl Salicylate, Peppermint, Sage, Dwarf Pine-Needle, Bergamot, Anise, and Cineol oils (Kamillosan M Spray) to give you natural relief.


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What to Eat (and What to Avoid) When You Have A Sore Throat

Some sore throats are caused by bacteria, others from viral infections. Regardless of the cause, having a sore throat can make eating certain foods a literal pain. Here’s a guide to some of the foods you can eat (and what to avoid) while you work on recovering from your sore throat.


Much of the discomfort caused by sore throat stems from it being dry, so it helps to keep it moist by drinking lots of water. This also helps with staying hydrated if your sore throat happens to be caused by a cold.

Since the sore throat can cause pain when you swallow, you’ll want to stick to soft foods, like lugaw, oatmeal, cream-based soups, or pasta. You can also have vegetables that have been steamed soft, or mashed potatoes. For dessert, you can go for soft treats like gelatin, yogurt, or ice-cream. Fruit-wise, you can have bananas

Now here’s some good news if you love ice-cream! Ice-cream and other assorted frozen goodies can help relieve the pain caused by a sore throat, so feel free to grab some sherbet or popsicles! You’ll want to avoid the cones, though, as those can scratch your throat’s tender surface

No matter what you eat, you can’t go wrong with the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Chamomile Extract, Methyl Salicylate, Peppermint, Sage, Dwarf Pine-Needle, Bergamot, Anise, and Cineol (Kamillosan M Spray), for a natural relief.

Happy eating!


Everybody loves a good crunch, but that bit of joy comes from the foods’ hard texture, which can make swallowing torture to a sore throat. While you’re recovering you’ll want to avoid dry snacks such as chips, crackers, and popcorn. If you’re going for a sandwich, you’ll need to avoid hard or toasted breads in order to avoid the pain.

For those of you who enjoy food with a kick you’re out of luck, as you’ll need to avoid anything spicy while you’ve got that sore throat. So be sure to avoid chili sauces, powders, and flakes, curry, cloves, and hot peppers.

Aside from inherently-acidic vinegar, the acid found in citrus fruits is highly irritating to a sore throat, so best to avoid them. These include oranges, lemons, lime, calamansi, and even tomatoes! This also includes the juices made from such fruits, as the tender surface of your sore throat is easily irritated, and it won’t be fooled by changing the acidic fruits’ form.


ASC Ref. Code A091N102319K

Get Natural Sore Throat Relief with Kamillosan M Spray!

The rapid change of the weather in the Philippines from intense heat to cold rainy days becomes the cause of common cold and eventually, sore throat. Aside from that, sore throats are also caused by viral and bacterial infections, accumulated stress, lack of sleep, allergies, and as well as irritants caused by chemicals and smoke. For most Filipinos who utilize their voices for their respective jobs, having a sore throat is bothersome. There’s an itchy and scratchy sensation on your throat. Your voice becomes hoarse, and it becomes harder to even speak. It becomes more painful every time you swallow or talk, making it difficult for anyone to even do their 9-5 jobs every day, let alone take care of the household.

The usual remedy for sore throat is the usual mint candies or the gargle remedy that alleviates the pain. But it takes more than one packet to at least make the soreness livable, and one would still resort not to speak in the duration of the day. As for the gargle remedy, it’s inconvenient to gargle while at work, aside from the fact that gargle remedies are chemical-based. And for people who usually have sore throats in the morning, buying more than one packet of mint candies and gargling is a little troublesome.

The Kamillosan M Spray is a more effective and efficient solution compared to the other sore throat solutions. Rather than utilizing the common mint candy and gargling solution, it’s sprayed directly into the throat and contains seven natural ingredients namely: Chamomile Extract, Peppermint, Sage, Dwarf Pine-Needle, Bergamot, Anise, and Cineoil (Kamilosan).

These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which makes Kamillosan M Spray an effective solution from mild to severe sore throats. Also, one of its ingredients, the Chamomile Extract, has been proven to relieve common cold, to alleviate wounds, gastrointestinal disorders, a natural allergy fighter and anti-inflammatory among others. Moreover, the Kamillosan M Spray is the natural choice in the market where remedies are usually chemical. This is also the reason why it’s highly recommended by doctors and its loyal users. Its seven natural ingredients make it a safe and natural remedy.

Having a sore throat has its negative effects as well in my own field as I need to talk to a lot of people over the day. Moreover, my profession as a sales and marketing assistant requires me to speak with clients, co-works and suppliers, so having a sore throat directly affects how I communicate effectively to my chosen audience.

I’ve had the opportunity to test the Kamillosan M Spray for a week due to my sore throat after the rapid change of weather here in the country every single day. In the morning, when my throat feels the driest and hoarse, I would spritz 2 sprays of the Kamillosan M Spray into my mouth. Its recommended dosage are 2 puffs for 3 times a day after every meal.

At the get go, I felt the minty sensation that reliefs and alleviates sore throat pain instantaneously. It eases the difficulty of talking and swallowing food. It’s also more convenient than gargling as I can bring it anywhere and just spray when needed. Plus its ingredients are natural-based versus the usual chemical-based remedies for sore throats. However, it is important to note that when symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Aside from being a convenient choice versus gargling, the spray also comes in a small bottle, almost the size of an inhaler, so it’s not bulky in your bag when you carry it around when you travel or go to work. It also comes with a protective cap so that it doesn’t accidentally spray while inside your bag.

For us Filipinos, drinking lots of water, gargling remedies or mint candies are the common remedies for inflammation in our oral cavities or pharynx. The addition of Kamillosan M Spray as another remedy for the wounds we get in our own mouths and throats promotes a quicker and easier option of relieving the pain. It’s also equipped with natural ingredients that gives quality solutions to our common problems.

Others might think twice in buying and trying out this product because they’re feeling hesitant on the price. However, we should think that how much is Php 428 compared to being sick, to not being able to care and bond with our family, or to not being able to do work properly. Kamillosan M Spray is the prevention you need so you could still be able to do the things that matters most.

For me, Kamillosan M Spray being my go-to choice of sore throat remedy is a big help not only for the everyday struggle of overcoming a hoarse voice and painful throat in my chosen profession, but also expands my choices to what’s more convenient and efficient. Moreover, the spray is your great companion in achieving what you need and want to do, in achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Nothing should stop you, not even a sore throat! The Kamillosan M Spray is the natural choice and remedy that can support you in your chosen field, and in your chosen activities. Its natural ingredients and effective cure have made it the number 1 selling and doctor-prescribed and endorsed sore throat solution in the market (Based on IQVIA MAT 2018).

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